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Genetic Variance

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Genetic Variance Support
Genetic Variance Support
About Us 


We are a growing group of accomplished leaders with diverse backgrounds in Professional Athletics, U.S. Military, Board Certified Clinicians, and Optimum Performance Gurus (Certified in Fitness, Nutrition, Safety /Prevention, and Behavioral Health Modification).


Understanding that no one organization or individual has all the answers, Preventive Partners builds relationships with health, wellness, and performance leaders, specializing in various modalities of care.  Together, we work to provide critical windows of insight toward your optimized health and performance.


 Our Integrative Health Liaisons (IHL) is the "Bridgework":  We provide individual specific support backed by the latest evidence-based research.  Utilizing our Partners, we create effective plans to align your "Whole Being" (mind, body, and spirit) with your goals.


Our ultimate mission:


To provide YOU the opportunity ..., to create the best version of yourself!



Preventive Partners will be held harmless against all incident of treatment or diagnosis.  All information on Preventive Partners website or provided by the staff is to support you in your situation while you are being treated by your licensed practitioner.  Any information provided IS NOT meant to diagnose or treat symptoms, illness, or dysfunction.  Our support will NOT  be construed or substituted for medical advice or instruction.  No action or inaction can be taken based solely on our support.   Readers and clients are to consult with their appropriate healthcare professionals on all matters.