Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions

I just booked my Initial Comprehensive Support Evaluation with Preventive Partners what will we be discussing and how is it benefiting me?

What should I expect if I move forward with a Preventive Partners Comprehensive Support Evaluation?

I noticed Preventive Partners offers a General Nutritional Program with your Comprehensive Evaluation and you offer a "Dialed In" Nutritional Meal Plan based on my genetics, what is the difference between the two?

If I complete a Preventive Partners Comprehensive Support Evaluation that cost $2200 how does it benefit me?

Why is there a Post-Comprehensive Support Evaluation?

Athlete Evolution

Does Preventive Partners Train Olympic Athletes and Professional Athletes?

Warrior Support

Genetic Variance Support

I had my genetics testing completed by the company 23andMe, and I have over 15,000 pages of my Genetic Raw Data, does Preventive Partners look over all these pages?

New Nutrition

Preventive Partners will be held harmless against all incident of treatment or diagnosis.  All information on Preventive Partners website or provided by the staff is to support you in your situation while you are being treated by your licensed practitioner.  Any information provided IS NOT meant to diagnose or treat symptoms, illness, or dysfunction.  Our support will NOT  be construed or substituted for medical advice or instruction.  No action or inaction can be taken based solely on our support.   Readers and clients are to consult with their appropriate healthcare professionals on all matters.