Organizational Wellness


Programming can be as subtle as a one-time class/event, or as robust as an onsight wellness clinic with fitness and farm to table meals.          

Wellness At Work!

Organizational Wellness:  


If you are an organization that provides employee health benefits, one or two large claims, such as cancer treatment, major surgery, or an auto accident will significantly impact premiums the following year!  We have multiple resources that will create a customized culture of health, sustainability, and resilience that will assist in managing these costs.  


 Preventive Partners would never want to place you in a box, how is that healthy?  Our solutions are developed specifically for you and your organization.  Wellness is more than exercise and green veggies, we provide structure for optimum performance, and ultimate health, considering:  physical fitness, mental acuity, emotional balance,  specialized nutrition, disease, and injury prevention.  Employee engagement is always high because we are up-close and personal with customized programming, organizational assessments, individual evaluations, and team building.  We also offer Dynamic Classes providing new information on health prevention, sleep hygiene, weight loss, stress management and more!

Preventive Partners would never want to place you or your organization in a box. How is that healthy? Wellness is more than just exercise and lots of green veggies. W...
Corporate Wellness
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Corporate Wellness Classes

Check out a few of our NEW classes!  All education is practical and customized.  No group is too big or too small.  We'll put something special together just for you.

Feed The Machine:


What does your body need in order to operate at its best?  Hormones play a big roll in how we perform physically, emotionally, cognitively.  This seminar shares insight on how common daily activity affects our hormones and what we can do to increase our performance in all three of these areas of health.  



What Are You Hungry For: 


Food or lack thereof is not the only thing that triggers the hunger hormone.  Learn what these variables are and how to quell hunger naturally while eating more of what you LOVE, and decreasing caloric intake. 



Food Friends:


Hunger isn’t always driven by the need for nutrition.  Throughout our life we have been conditioned to:


“Clean our plates" 

“Make sure we are getting at least 3 square meals a day”  

“Eat half your body weight in protein grams in order to build lean muscle” 

“Strive for 5 fruits and veggies per day”

“Eat a healthy dinner before dessert” 


The list and fads go on and on.  Learn the practical approach to nutrition, what your body actually needs, and why. 



Umbrella Rules:


Although wellness is individual specific, there are certainly practical applications in health that will benefit EVERYONE.  Whether you are a novice athlete, student, young, or older, this is a seminar for you!  We touch on the latest evidence-based information and practices that you can start applying to your life today.



Training With Purpose:


Exercise is not created equally.  This too should be considered on an individual basis.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to fitness.  Learn the benefits and drawbacks of common fitness quests in strength training, cardio, interval/HIIT, and various Yoga practices.  We will give you the best combination of training to meet your goals!



The Good Food That's Hurting YOU:


Have you been trying to lose weight or treat a medical condition?  Are you eating “right" exercise every day, and haven’t lost a pound?


Although I am a lover of whole healthy foods, certain foods can cause inflammation in your body or when eaten in tandem with certain medications or medical diagnosis.  Learn how to be proactive in learning what your chemistry looks like today!



Secrets In Sleep:


Sleep is one of our main forms of sustenance.  During the seminar answer the following key questions and change your life!  Why do we need sleep?  What are examples of dysfunctional sleep patterns and what are their causes?  What are the illnesses and disorders that are related to sleep?  Call us today and learn how, and what you can do to incorporate healthy sleep habits now.



Just Breath:


We are all breathing in and out all day long, but did you know that our blood oxygen levels and cardiovascular function decline as we age.  The measurable difference takes place around the age of 30 (Yikes).  This contributes to a slowed metabolism, a decrease in immune/hormone function, including attention and mood disorders.  Learn about some simple things you can do throughout the day that doesn't include getting on a treadmill.  




Sugarplum Stress: 


A "holiday favorite" that explains the relationship between stress, sugar, and weight gain.  We will teach you strategies to enjoy yourself, your family, and a few sugarplums while keeping the scale in check.  Call us today!

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