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"Wow!!! .... did an analysis of my genetic profile test raw data, and basically showed me the diseases that my body is at risk for having, what specific things I could do to prevent these genes from expressing, what diet and supplements could essentially preserve my life, and what foods I should eat and not eat based on my unique genetic makeup. She also showed me some of the medications and other things that my body cannot metabolize and how to tweak my diet to become leaner and fit. I am so astonished by the incredible knowledge that Preventative Partners can provide to improve the quality of life and even save lives. Thank you, Seetha! Your service is a game changer and may very well save my life."



"One of the first things I noticed about Seetha was how she listens with all her attention and focuses on what I am saying and then when she responds, it’s all about me, no agenda on her end he is very invested and cares a great deal about your success. You always feel she’s on your side which is the best boost to your confidence to succeed.  All of these combine to set her apart and make her unique among Dr.s and coaches.  She is highly recommended, and it will be the best investment you’ll make for yourself and your health."

Chris G.

Newark, NJ

"has been invaluable on my journey towards body acceptance, fertility, weight loss, and self-love. When I started my work with her, I was diagnosed with PCOD, high testosterone, type II diabetes, and I was over 150 lbs clinically overweight.  Seetha has helped me end my endless cycle of dieting and binging by coaching me to overcome my fear of carbs and food in general.  Her program proved to me that I can lose weight while eating all foods that don’t cause my body inflammation and without starving myself.  Most importantly, she has helped me feel good about all progress on and off the scale.  To date, I have lost more than 100lbs.  I have two beautiful babies (20 months Isiah and 3 months Isabella.)  I owe her my life and happiness!" 

Tammy B.

New York

"On several occasions in the past, I have overworked my hands, wrists, and forearms while working in the yard and garden, or twisting wrenches working on cars.  The result has been carpel tunnel problems, which has caused me considerable pain and numbness in both of my hands, wrists, and forearms.  When I used to go to the MD for this condition, he prescribed massive doses of ibuprofen for the inflammation, and occasionally a narcotic to mask the pain.  He even discussed the possibility of surgery on both wrists.  I was never very happy about having to take the medications, and I wanted to avoid surgery.  I had abused my arms again when I met Seetha and learned of her ability to treat my problems.  With exercise and the proper diet, my pain disappeared within six months.   She was able to address “problems” and potentially serious health issues that I didn’t know I had. After I was examined we determined a slightly different treatment with my physician: In all cases, one treatment was developed and the pain and numbness were alleviated!" 

David D.

New York

“Seetha is an Integrated Health Expert!  We need more of this integrative holistic approach in treating patient since modern medicine has dissected body into organs and assigned specialist assigned in those domains of expertise without integrating coordinator who oversees the whole body and mind as an Integrated Apparatus with holistic senses in play.
I wish Seetha all the best in expanding this coordinated to health care the medical community has something to learn from this young lady.
 This is necessary for our country especially since America is spending 16% of GDP, yet WHO (World Health Organization) ranks the USA not even in the top 30 Healthwise..”


Bharat S.

New York

 "I have struggled with my weight my whole life and didn't know it, but was headed into andropause.  Without HRT, I lost 45 lbs in two months working with her.  It's 3 years later, I look and feel better now then I did when I was 25..."



Sam G.

New York

"Preventive Partners worked with our employees tailoring fitness and nutrition to fit their needs.  Their broad knowledge and many resources, place them miles ahead in this industry!"



Whitney and Company

New York

"Seetha was instrumental in helping me recover from back issues that I have been struggling with for almost 10 years, this ultimately resulted in losing over 30 lbs!  She is both nurturing and incredibly motivating.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Bill S.

New York

"...a lot of great information.  If the guys did everything she suggested in these seminars, they would all be machines on the ice!"

K.O. Strength and Conditioning Coach (NHL)

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