Athlete Evolution

   "Forging an evolutionary path of optimum performance, providing Athletes the tools to become...UNBEATABLE!"    

   BIGGER.             STRONGER.                   FASTER.                  SMARTER.  

As an Elite Athlete, you have devoted many years to your development and to be able to compete at the highest levels!  You have invested in professional trainers, dietitians, and ongoing skill development for most of your life.


What part of your training is focusing on recovery, regeneration, resilience, and prevention? 


The physical demands necessary to become UNBEATABLE and pressure of competing, impose an exponential amount of stress on the body, creating physiological inflammation.  At any age, this affects your adrenal response, sleep patterns, mood, sex hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune system (not necessarily in that order);  systematically reducing your mental and physical reactivity/performance, increasing susceptibility to injury, and recovery time.   


Preventive Partners has developed an integrated model including Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Physical Therapy, Recovery Modalities, Individualized Nutrition, and Genetic Variance Support.  Putting you on the path to becoming  "UNBEATABLE"!



 1.  Sustenance

 2.  Hormones

 3.  Neurotransmitters​

 **At Preventive Partners only 


 **Genetic Variance Support**

   Evidence-Based Medicine assisting MD's, Pro Athletes, Olympic Athletes, Pro MMA, Warriors and those competitors looking to leap ahead of the competition! 



  • Neuromuscular growth


  • Corrective muscular skeletal  development management 


  • Bone density



  • Tendon & ligament strength / flexibility


  • Rate of healing

  (resilience & regeneration)


  • (Neuronal Networking)


  • Agility / Speed


  • Skill development


  • Tenacity / Discipline


  • Energy


  • Memory/ Mental Acuity

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