Warrior Recovery

As a Veteran owned company, Preventive Partners understands medical conditions rooting from your time in service, overseas deployment(s) and direct combat. 



One of the fundamental processes in basic and specialized training is to undergo physiologically decondition of the mind and body to stress.  This process is extremely effective in preparing you - the Warrior for acute "fight or flight" missions.  The military taught you to SURVIVE and BECOME  the storm!  What they never considered...,



  "Over time and energy spent, a storm will consume itself!"













In addition to combat and cohabitation in high threat environments, here are a just a couple foundational stressors to be considered.



Sleep dysregulation and deprivation:

  • Sleep is Sustenance.  It is a requirement to live.  Once we start withdrawing from our "sleep bank," our system charges interest! 




  • Pathogens, toxins, allergies, inoculations and viruses, and climate change depletes our system exponentially.


Over time, whether it be months or years, your body will unavoidably experience symptoms of chronic stress.


Chronic Stress: 

  • Is a physiological response to emotional pressure and physical performance endured for a prolonged period of time. This often results in symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.



Find common symptoms of  Endocrine Dysfunction and Adrenal Fatigue below: 

Warrior Support
Warrior Support



  • Eating more or less

  • Sleeping too much or too little 

  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities

  • Increased use of alcohol, drugs, sex, or spending habits

  • Uncontrolled aggression or outbursts 

  • Social withdrawal /paranoia 



  • Aches and pains

  • Digestive issues

  • Chest pain/high blood pressure.

  • Loss of sex drive

  • Weight Gain 

  • Frequent viruses or infections

  • Autoimmune diagnosis

  • Increased injuries


  • Depression or melancholy

  • Anxiety and agitation

  • Moodiness, irritability, or anger

  • Easily startled, reactionary, or hypervigilant

  • Poor memory/concentration

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