Individual Health & Wellness

"Creating synergy within our system supports an environment to become the best version of ourselves!"

Would you like to lose a few pounds, manage a chronic illness, or get to the next level in your athletic career?  We are here to make it all easier!  Our Integrative Health Liaisons (IHL) eliminate the stress and confusion behind "optimized health and performance".


What to expect:

Step one:

Schedule your initial intake with an IHL (90 minutes).  During this time we accumulate your medical information, life history, and goals! 




Step two:  * Suggestions to enhance your plan of support are optional.


If there is evidence suggesting that you have inflammation or imbalance,  we may suggest further testing to confirm/rule out the potential cause, attain measurables, and better manage improvements.  Most testing can be done by your General Practitioner and is covered by insurance.


What if you don't have a GP?  

We build relationships with professionals who specialize in health, wellness, performance, and recovery.  A team of resources will be coordinated to meet your needs and goals.  If you need a General Practitioner, we'll introduce you to one that you will LOVE.


What if you don't have insurance, have high deductibles, or poor coverage?

 We'll provide you with various affordable Cash Pay options.


Let us review your' DNA!

(Cost varies)

Although this is not covered by insurance, it will allow us to construct the most efficient and effective plan to meet your specific goals.  By understanding the function of known metabolic and detox pathways along with mutations, we can best support your provider's treatment plans. 


  • Nutrition Requirements and Contraindications

  • Hormones Balance

  • Neurotransmitter balance requirements

  • Medication/ Supplement effectiveness and contraindications

  • Prevention

  • Detox Requirements

  • Most effective Recovery modalities

  • Most effective Fitness modalities


RNA rate and expression is fluid.  It can and often does change during the course of our lifetime. This is also referred to as a: gene variant/mutation. In addition to weight gain, gene mutations have been identified as the potential cause of several diseases processes including; Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington disease, Eating Disorders, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease ...are just a few.


*If you haven't already, we all eventually experience the effects of a "gene mutation" some common causes are:


  • Aging

  • UV Light and Sun Exposure

  • Bacterial and Viral Infections

  • Extreme or prolonged stress (physical or emotional)

  • Chemicals in our hygiene products, food, and household products

  • Environmental Toxins

  • Medication (prescriptions and vitamins)

  • and more...


Step three:

Using the latest evidence-based research, we provide you with your "Integrative Plan of Support."

(Cost is included with Initial Intake)

Your plan includes the following support (but not limited to...) 

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Recovery

  • Performance

  • Prevention

  • Recommended Testing

  • Provider Referrals


Ongoing Support:

 $150 per hour (pro-rated to the quarter)

  • Provider appointments: Scheduling

  • Communication to, and between health/performance team

  • Accountability


Preventive Partners will be held harmless against all incident of treatment or diagnosis.  All information on Preventive Partners website or provided by the staff is to support you in your situation while you are being treated by your licensed practitioner.  Any information provided IS NOT meant to diagnose or treat symptoms, illness, or dysfunction.  Our support will NOT  be construed or substituted for medical advice or instruction.  No action or inaction can be taken based solely on our support.   Readers and clients are to consult with their appropriate healthcare professionals on all matters.