"Bridging The Gap In Health Care"

Preventive Partners would never want to place you in a box, how is that healthy?  Our solutions are developed specifically for you and your organization.  Wellness is more than exercise and green veggies, we provide structure for optimum performance, and ultimate health, considering:  physical fitness, mental acuity, emotional balance,  specialized nutrition, and disease and injury prevention.  Employee engagement is always high because we are up-close and personal with customized programming, organizational assessments, individual evaluations, and team building.  We also offer Dynamic CorprateWellness Classes providing new information on health prevention, sleep hygiene, weight loss, stress management, Saftey and Prevention, and more!

New Nutrition is an integrative approach to individualized nutrition.  We are creating an evolution by optimizing human performance, resilience, weight loss, male and female fertility support, and much more!


Therapeutic Sustenance Plans cannot be computed efficiently with height, weight, sex, age, activity, based on Recommended Dietary Allowances  (RDA) guidelines.  Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) performance and expression effect pathways in metabolism.  This confirms that nutrition programming is incredibly individual specific and the "GOOD" food you've been eating, might not be good for YOU!


Preventive Partner's  "New Nutrition"  supports metabolic integration, process, and efficiency on an individual basis. RNA Expression Identification:  Provides detailed mapping for our Nutritionist to "Dial you in" supporting optimization of BMI,  Immunity, Hormones,  Neurotransmitters, Absorption, Utilization, Detoxification, and Regeneration.

Are your Primary Care Physician, 

Healthcare Specialists, Health-coach,

and Holistic Practitioner all giving you conflicting advice or treatment plans?  

Did you know vitamins, herbs, food, and lifestyle may interfere with prescription medication!  


We will safely enhance your treatment plan.  Let us "Bridge the Gap"

in communication, interpretation, and treatment!

Preventive Partners will be held harmless against all incident of treatment or diagnosis.  All information on Preventive Partners website or provided by the staff is to support you in your situation while you are being treated by your licensed practitioner.  Any information provided IS NOT meant to diagnose or treat symptoms, illness, or dysfunction.  Our support will NOT  be construed or substituted for medical advice or instruction.  No action or inaction can be taken based solely on our support.   Readers and clients are to consult with their appropriate healthcare professionals on all matters.